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Stevens Point YMCA Base Camp Glacier Hollow Masthead


Led by a full-time professional leadership team, the staff are our most valuable asset! They come to us with wide and varied skill sets, across many disciplines.  We value the connection that campers have to camp, and work diligently to develop those relationships into future Camp Staff!  We carefully select our staff on the basis of good character, leadership, sound decision-making, all while providing campers with a meaningful and fun camp experience!  Because our Glacier Hollow experience is so profound, our Staff participate in an extensive, intense training program that emphasizes child development, leadership and the safety and welfare of our campers.  Did we mention that our staff are fun, too?  This summer, our staff come to us with a vast set of educational experience, in the expertise areas of:  Recreation Management, Psychology, Elementary Education, Music Education, Physical Education, Health and Wellness Management, Environmental Education & Interpretation, and more!

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