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Stevens Point YMCA Base Camp Glacier Hollow Masthead

See what our campers and parents have to say…

“Faith had a wonderful time at the Splash and Sport camp, and definitely wants to come back next year. Glacier Hollow is so beautiful and the staff were so kind to Faith. She also mentioned that the food was fabulous!! Thanks for running an awesome camp…”  -Parent

“This was a great experience for her away from home that long for the 1st time. I think she is already saving her money for next year.”   – Parent

“My daughter had a wonderful time at camp. It was her fist experience at a camp like this and I would recommend this to other parents. She really took an interest in swimming and learning how to swim better. As a parent, I was worried about leaving her all day with children and counselors she did not know but after her first day, that worry was gone. She made friends and had a blast. I am going to sign her up next year and my son as well. It was a great experience. Thank you!” – Parent

“The caring, responsibility, enthusiasm and sense of humor you’ve demonstrated is comforting to us as parents and has made a lifelong positive impact on Nathan. He will have memories to cherish well into his elderly years. Thank you for putting your energy and hearts into this wonderful program.”   – Parent

“I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to come out to camp. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. All the campfires, songs and games we played were awesome. I met so many new people here.”   – Camper

“Thank you for letting me come to Res Camp it was so 50 million times fun. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I thought that going caving was the best. We had an excuse to get al muddy and wet with all my NEW Best friends.”   – Camper

“We loved the idea of the girls spending their summer vacation outdoors. They had a wonderful time at camp. We loved your staff and the activities.”   – Parent

“We loved everything about camp. The counselors were fabulous! Keep up the good work.”   – Parent

“I love that my child spends summer where summer should be spent – OUTSIDE! She had a blast. The counselors…they were all friendly and wonderful to my child…which means the most to me.”   – Parent

“Our daughters really enjoyed the friendly family atmosphere at Glacier Hollow – please continue this!”   – Parent

“She enjoyed herself so much, I will have no problem sending her again to camp. She loved everything, couldn’t STOP talking about it for days.”   – Parent

“It’s not easy to drop your child off for a week not knowing if she’ll like it or not, if she’ll feel homesick etc., but what a wonderful feeling to find out she had the time of her life! She can’t wait ‘till next summer.”  – Parent

“The staff at Glacier Hollow is outstanding. My son really enjoys going there! We will be back next year!”  – Parent

“Justin still talks about camp & says absolutely loved it and the counselors were great. My husband & I were extremely impressed on pickup with all that we saw. You are all truly gifted & wonderful individuals.”   – Parent

“Glacier Hollow is a wonderful place for kids to learn & experience nature, fun & friends.”  – Parent

“He just had to write the obligatory report about his summer vacation, and he wrote about Glacier Hollow. He said he loved the night games, especially one called Wells Fargo, and told about how cool it was to be in the blue swimmer group. It was a pretty successful first venture out into the world without his parents, and we thank you for that.” – Parents

“I’m very impressed with the quality of Glacier Hollow – staff, buildings, and food as my son has informed me, he absolutely loved the food.” – Parent

“It seems to be more family oriented than other camps I’ve heard about. I was very impressed with your camp. Carl had a wonderful time. I wanted to stay myself.” – Parent

“Year after year we keep coming back to Glacier Hollow. It’s sad when they know they can’t come back next year because they are too old. We’ve also had the kids crying because they would miss the new friends they met” – Parent

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