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Stevens Point YMCA Base Camp Glacier Hollow Masthead

Letter from the Camp Director



Welcome to our wonderful world of Camp Glacier Hollow! 

Happy that you have found our website and you are hopefully interested in taking part in one of our many programs-for the first time or again!

Welcome friends. Camp holds a special place in the hearts of our current and past campers and staff, and my wish is for it to be the same for you!  We truly pride ourselves in the connections and relationships we [as staff] build with our campers, but more importantly, the connections we facilitate amongst the campers!  Where else in the world can a child unplug and get immersed into a tiny, magical world all their own, where they can learn all the skills to develop as a responsible and positive youth and future citizen of the world?  Where they can be themselves: goofy, fun, and carefree, and still be accepted and celebrated? Where they learn resiliency, open-mindedness, teamwork, and independence, amongst the woods and water? Glacier Hollow is the place!

So join us this summer and summers to come, to be a part of our YMCA Camp Glacier Hollow family, make lots of new friends, learn fun skills, and have the time of your life!

Contact me anytime with any questions or feedback!

Warmest Campfire Wishes,

Tiffany “Gecko” Praeger

The United Way