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Frequently Asked Resident Camp Questions

My child really would love to come to camp, but does not have anybody to go with. Do many children come to camp without a friend?
That’s what camp is for!!! Camp is for meeting new friends and building relationships that will last for years. Many of our campers come without friends the first year. Our program involves much team building and interaction with other campers, helping to build those friendships that are so important to camp. Many of our campers keep in touch with one another throughout the school year via letters and e-mail, so they can come back to camp the following summer together.

What is a typical day at camp like?
A typical day at camp is spent participating in a series of structured activities ranging from individual nature hikes to games of capture the flag with the entire camp. The mornings are spent focusing on nature education activities and the afternoons are spent on more traditional summer camp activities. There are several opportunities for free time to allow the camper to participate in various choice activities or just hang-out with their friends. (i.e. kayaking, basketball, arts & crafts etc…) All activities are supervised by staff.

Basic Traditional Schedule (May be modified for theme/trips/and age groups):
7:15am – Optional Early Bird Activity
8:00am – Breakfast
8:45am – Cabin Clean Up time
9:15am – Activity Session
10:15am – Activity Session
11:15am – Activity Session
12:30pm – LUNCH
1:15pm – Cabin Time/Rest Period
2:00pm – Trading Post
2:30pm – Free Swim/Rec Time
3:45pm – Camper Choice Activity
4:45pm – Camper Choice Activity
6:00pm – DINNER
6:45pm – Trading Post
7:15pm – Evening All Camp Activity
8:15pm – Campfire
9:00pm – Cabin Time
9:30pm – Lights Outs at 10:00pm
Activities and Programs at camp include: Swimming, Environmental Education, Free Choice & Free Time, Canoeing/Kayaking, Archery, Basketball, Fishing, Field Sports, Snorkeling, Team Building, Hiking, Outdoor Living Skills, Compass/GPS/GeoCaching, Values, Arts & Crafts, Dances, Evening Activities, Theme Days and Campfire Programs.

Are scholarships to camp available?
Financial Assistance is Available. It is the goal of the YMCA to provide educational, social and physical development services to people, regardless of their ability to pay. Waiver or reduction of fees is available subject to facility and program capacity and demonstrated need, without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, age or physical or mental handicap. Contact the YMCA at (715) 342-2999 for application materials. Scholarships are provided through generous conservation and civic clubs, the United Way of Portage County and the YMCA Annual Campaign.  Click here to learn more about scholarships.

Many of our campers are also sponsored by environmental organizations directly. We suggest that parents of campers also contacted possible environmental or civic clubs directly. To see a list of our sponsors, click here.

Where do the campers sleep?
Our campers stay in rustic cabins built with lumber harvested on site. Each cabin sleeps 14 – 20 depending on the cabin.  Click here to learn more about the facility.

What is the average age of the children in my child’s cabin?
Campers are divided up four ways; Boys ages 8 -11 years old, boys 12 – 14 years old, girls 8 – 11 years old, and girls 12 -14 years old.  Each category has a cabin, and at least 2 staff and CITs per cabin.

Health History Form?
We should receive your Health History Form at least three weeks prior to Camp. We suggest that a physical be performed every 24 months. A previous copy of such a physical or athletic card may be attached to our form, but not required.

My child was at camp last year. Do I need to complete a health form?
Yes, State law requires all campers to complete a health history that is properly filled out and signed by the parents each year. A physical exam is only suggested every 2 years.

How are medications handled?
It is absolutely essential that parents or physician of campers who will be taking medications (prescription and non-prescription) provide us with written permission and instruction for administering. State law requires that all medications brought must:

Prescription Medications:

  • Be in their Original Container
  • Be clearly labeled with:
  • Camper’s Name
  • Name of Prescribing Physician
  • Prescription Number
  • Date Prescribed
  • Name of the Medication and directions for use
  • Include written instructions from your physician on detailed dosage, directions for administering, adverse reactions, and specific conditions when a physician should be contacted

Non-Prescription Medications:

  • Be in their Original Container
  • Be clearly labeled with:
  • Camper’s Name
  • Name of Medication
  • Dosage and Directions for Administering

All medications must be administered and kept secure by an authorized staff. Medications that are given by injection must be administered by a doctor, not the health staff, arrangements must be made prior to arrival at camp.

What kind of medical training does the staff have?
Camp has at least one First Responder on site at all times.  All counselors have First Aid and CPR certifications. Certified lifeguards are always on site and oversee all waterfront activities.

How does the camp Trading Post work?
Campers will have an opportunity to purchase camp snacks during each afternoon. The Camp Trading Post carries ice cream treats, candy, gatorade, camp souvenirs like t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats, and incoming email service. A printed email page and all snack items are priced at $1 each.  All spending is done through a camper account system (please do not send cash with your camper). Use the form enclosed with your final information packet to deposit money into your campers account. The average camper uses $25 to $60 depending on souvenir purchases. Any remaining balance of $5 or more will be mailed home within 4 weeks of completing the refund request form at checkout. Please discuss purchases with your camper so they have an understanding of how account monies should be used. A record of all spending is kept.

May I call or visit my child at camp?
In keeping camp a safe environment for everyone, no visitors are allowed on camp property unless approved in advance by the Camp Director.

Email and Telephone Service:
Campers love to receive MAIL! We encourage you to correspond regularly with your campers by mail. Remember, the week goes by very quickly so be sure to send emails early in the week. Unless it is an emergency, we strongly encourage you to correspond with your camper by email only! Contact by phone can lead to homesickness as well as tying up the camp phone lines for business.

Email letters can also be sent to [email protected] $1 per page (black only) will be charged to your campers Trading Post account. A positive Trading Post account balance must be available for campers to receive emailed letters. Campers do not have access to outgoing email services.

What kind of things does my camper need to bring to camp?

It is important that you follow this list. Please mark all clothing and other items with camper’s name. Keep in mind clothes should be suitable for active outdoor camping activities. Bring along enough clothing for the week and a dirty clothes bag. Camp does not have laundry facilities. Remember to bring a white T-shirt or other items for our tie-dye art project. A letter with information regarding any special theme days may be mailed prior to camp.

Things not to Bring: Please do not send money, radios, CD/MP3 players, iPods, electronic games, cell phones, jewelry, food/snacks/candy, knives/fireworks or other weapons.

Please do not send any treats, candy, or food with your camper. It is a camp policy to not have food or candy in the cabins (food brings unwanted critters). Rest assured, all campers will be well fed! We will also be having all camp treats.

Our experience has shown that campers will develop better friendships and appreciate the nature experience more without electronic devices. Camp also does not have insurance to cover camper’s personal possessions and will not be financially responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Participants are expected follow instructions and guidelines given by staff, and act in a safe and responsible manner. The YMCA Four Core Values (Caring, Respect, Responsibility and Honesty) are the basis for all programs. Failure to follow appropriate behavior guidelines may result in dismissal from the program. Refunds will not be given for participants that are dismissed (sent home). Parents/participants are responsible for any damages and expenses incurred, including any transportation costs.

How do I get to Glacier Hollow?
Location Address Only (No mail accepted):
YMCA Camp Glacier Hollow
9289 Pavelski Road
Amherst Junction, WI 54407
(715) 824-5267

Business & Registration Address:
Stevens Point Area YMCA
1000 Division Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481
(715) 342-2980

(Click Here) for Directions and Map to Glacier Hollow